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Area 4 Most Improved Chorus Award

Most Improved Chorus Award

Award Description:  Tall traveling trophy with chorus name imprinted on front, with white carrying case.

First Awarded:  1988

Donated by:  Village Vocal Chords Chapter of Metro Chicago, IL

Presented by:  President of the Village Vocal Chords or her designee

Awarded to:  The chorus showing the greatest improvement in consecutive Area 4 Chorus Contests as indicated by scoring and computed by the greatest advancement in score from the previous year to the current one.

To Determine Winner:  List those competing choruses who competed in the previous year. (Requires Area 4 Chorus Contest OSS for the previous year.)   Compute the increase in score from last year to this year. The chorus with the largest increase in score is the recipient.
If no chorus increases in score, the award will be presented to the chorus showing the greatest improvement in RANK in consecutive Area 4 Chorus Contests.  If no chorus increases in score or rank the award will not be presented and will be retained by the ACJC. 

Tie is broken by:  The chorus attaining the highest Singing category score; if that does not break the tie, then by the highest Music category score.

Year                            Chorus

1986                           Great River Echoes
1987                           Sounds of Harmony
1988                           Misty River Music Makers
1989                           St. Louis Chordinals, Inc.
1990                           Misty River Music Makers
1991                           Chord-a-lettes
1992                           Chord-a-Lettes
1993                           Sounds of Harmony
1994                           Chord-a-lettes
1995                           Sweet Harmony
1996                           Misty River Music Makers
1997                           Sound Celebration (name change 1995 from Chord-a-lettes)
1998                           (not presented)
1999                           Heart of Indiana
2000                           (not presented)
2001                           Sound Celebration
2002                           Misty River Music Makers
2003                           Sweet Harmony
2004                           Sweet Harmony
2005                           Covered Bridge Country
2006                           Covered Bridge Country
2007                           Covered Bridge Country
2008                           Harmony Magic
2009                           Sound Celebration
2010                           St. Louis Chordinals, Inc.
2011                           Misty River Music Makers
2012                           St. Louis Chordinals, Inc.
2013                           Sound Celebration
2014                           Harmony Magic
2015                           Sound Celebration
2016                           Harmony Magic
2017                           Harmony Magic
2018                           Covered Bridge Harmony


Last Reviewed/Updated:  June 22, 2018