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Area 4 First Place Chorus Award

First Place Chorus Award

Award Description:  A clear and blue acrylic obelisk trophy accompanied by a 5 x 7 navy blue leather picture book, both in a brown briefcase carrying case.

First Awarded:  1988

Donated by:  Sounds of Harmony Chapter of Saginaw, MI

Presented by:  Area 4 Director

Awarded to:  The first place chorus

To Determine Winner:  The chorus with the highest total score is the recipient

Tie is broken by:  The chorus attaining the highest Singing category score; if that does not break the tie, then by the highest Music category score.


Year                           Chorus

1988                           Sounds of Harmony                                   

1989                           Village Vocal Chords

1990                           Misty River Music Makers

1991                           Village Vocal Chords

1992                           Heart of Indiana

1993                           Village Vocal Chords

1994                           Heart of Indiana

1995                           Village Vocal Chords

1996                           Heart of Indiana

1997                           Village Vocal Chords

1998                           Derby City Chorus

1999                           Village Vocal Chords

2000                           Derby City Chorus

2001                           Village Vocal Chords

2002                           Derby City Chorus

2003                           Village Vocal Chords

2004                           Derby City Chorus

2005                           Village Vocal Chords

2006                           Derby City Chorus

2007                           Village Vocal Chords

2008                           Derby City Chorus

2009                           Village Vocal Chords

2010                           Covered Bridge Country

2011                           Village Vocal Chords

2012                           Misty River Music Makers

2013                           Village Vocal Chords

2014                           Misty River Music Makers

Beginning 2015 contest -- First Place medals on red/white/blue ribbons awarded to every member of the Area 4 First Place Chorus.  Medals donated by Area 4 Council.

2015                           Village Vocal Chords

2016                           Bluegrass Harmony

2017                           Village Vocal Chords

2018                           Village Vocal Chords


Last Reviewed/Updated:  June 22, 2018